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hi, I’m Marj Silva, interior designer, wine lover, a mother of little Theo and one half of Décor Project. As this is my first ever blog post, please bear with me, I’m not really a writer, but will try to be good and post as often as possible.

I’ve been meaning to do this forever. It’s about time we shared with you a little bit of our behind the scenes of Décor Project, some of our inspiration sources, design adventures as well some tips and tricks of the trade.

As we take you along on our journey, we hope we can assist you on your design matters. Ask us anything!

Please feel free to share any images or content here but kindly credit us for eternal loving high fives!

A bientot x

Member of Design Institute of Australia, multi-disciplinary designer, qualified interior decorator with extensive knowledge in diverse softwares including, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCad, InDesign, SketchUp and all Microsoft Office divisions.

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