Award Winning Baby Nursery

Most of you who know me, know that i’m more of a doer than a talker! I decided to share with you a little bit of an insight on how to crate an award winning nursery.

Once I found out I was having a baby I almost immediately knew what I wanted to do with the nursery. I swear I must have dreamt of a colour scheme and all I needed to confirm was the sex. If it was a girl I would increase the amount of “coral” or if a boy it would be the “mint” in it – It was a boy! has just

The Inspiration

The design starting point was an ikea rug. It was a gift from a client. It has an Aztec geometric pattern predominantly mustard with a touch of navy. You may not know this, but I’m originally from Brazil and a colourful environment is engraved in my personality.

nursery details: cushion by SparkkComponibili by Kartell side table and Dinosaur Designs Vase, custom light designed by Jan Flook

A bit of Aztec called for mountains, stars, blue sky, Indians, arrows and voila, this American camp/ mountain concept evolved.

The Goal

The main concern was to have longevity with the design. What pieces will grow with the child, what shall I invest on or rather not, these had to fit within budget and my hate of wasteful design. We kept the cot and change table to a small budget and invested on a lovely armchair, a chest of drawers and a sheepskin rug instead.
The change table was a tray added to the top of a dresser, this could easily be removed later and enjoyed for years to come. The armchair is a rocker in disguise, again, can be moved to a reading nook once no longer needed.

The Favourites

We love the contrasting paint job we did on the wall, such an easy and inexpensive detail for its impact. Today I really appreciate the cozy feeling it created, it’s almost if it you’re in a valley, sheltered by real mountains….

Another noteworthy detail was the mobile. I had the whole office having a go at spinning thread around driftwood, painting and decorating them, just looks a million bucks and it was so fun to make it too!

the handcrafted nursery mobile

The Results

The first 3 months after a baby is born can be very unsettling. There are the hormones, the lack of sleep, this auto-pilot situation you switch on is very hard to describe, no wonder a lot of people have PND… This is why I have no regrets in making his room exactly how I wanted. It simply made me feel good! God knows I spent a lot of time in there during that period and having somewhere I enjoyed being in was so accommodating.

What’s Next

Theo is now transitioning to a “big boy bed”. We again made another trip to Ikea and purchased the kura bed. We’re customising it with a roof and adding the Cole Tent from RH, he’s really into hiding and cubby houses so I can’t wait to see the look on his face once we complete the job. Pics will soon follow, stay tuned!

Member of Design Institute of Australia, multi-disciplinary designer, qualified interior decorator with extensive knowledge in diverse softwares including, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCad, InDesign, SketchUp and all Microsoft Office divisions.

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