5 Key Elements of a Home Office

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We know working from home is a bitter sweet situation, whilst dodging the commute is a bliss, the lack of human interaction can be very lonely.. so it’s important to stop and think about your home workspace.

We asked The Home’s Senior Stylist, and owner/founder of Décor Project, Marj Silva the top 5  things to think about when setting up a beautiful and productive home office.

Colour Your World

Ideally you want your work space to enhance your mood, not drag you down. Don’t be afraid to transform it into a space you want to spend some time in – embrace the opportunity to make it your own. Colours are a great and inexpensive way to assist you achieving that haven.

  • Blue: due to its association to the sky and the ocean, blues have a calming effect, perfect for high stress situations.
  • Red: ideal for detail oriented tasks, it is a confident colour, great for shier personalities who need that little bit of a boost.
  • Green: the most creative hue, it is also the best colour for positivity, the mother nature colour brings positive vibes all around.
  • Yellow: ideal for optimism and energy, so if you’re more of a team environment fan, this colour may help you feel happier on your own.
Go Green

Studies have shown that indoor plants assist on fatigue prevention, restored attention, recycling the air, so get down to the local nursery and make friends with some nature.

Storage is King

Think about having a place for everything you’ll need. Having the correct amount of storage for all your bits will mean you’ll feel more settled and leave your mind to worry about work.

Let There Be Light

Natural lighting is your best friend. Fluorescent lighting can be drowsing and a little mood lighting can also be helpful. A desk lamp for those darker days will ensure you’re covered from all angles.

Dream Décor

Having pictures of your loved ones, or a beautiful vase you enjoy looking at, keeps you smiling and happy for the day ahead. It also helps personalise your space and makes you feel at home.

Member of Design Institute of Australia, multi-disciplinary designer, qualified interior decorator with extensive knowledge in diverse softwares including, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCad, InDesign, SketchUp and all Microsoft Office divisions.

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